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Advice to harmonize interiors and exteriors.

Go with greenery.
Plants are a common part of tent decor, but consider new ways to incorporate them. Instead of using large planters that take up floor space, create a living vertical garden with a “green wall” made of foliage.

Light the way.
Install bistro-style lighting along the ceiling of a clear-top tent (both inside and outside, if possible). When the lights go on at dusk, their twinkling emulates the night sky above.

Keep interiors airy.
Tent liners and thick swags sometimes weigh down the look of a tent—especially when trying to connect the structure to its surroundings. Lightweight flowing fabrics in subdued natural tones reflect the outdoors while bringing texture
to interiors.

Make an unforgettable first impression.
For the guest arrival experience, incorporate a few key elements related to the event’s locale. For example, at a Chesapeake Bay wedding coordinated by Sugarplum Tent Company, guests found their table cards placed among seashells. An old anchor also protruded up several feet.

Pay attention to outside seating.
If an event falls on a beautiful day, guests will want to mingle outside of the tent. Rather than treating outdoor seating as an afterthought, create intimate areas that replicate the mood of the tent’s interior.

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