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Aztec delivers new tent architecture

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Aztec Tents, a provider and manufacturer of lightweight fabric structures, tents, canopies, and other durable fabric products, has begun delivery of the first Adena™ frame tents to the North American market. The Adena™, first conceptualized as a prototype tent display at the 2023 ARA Show in Orlando, FL, was built to highlight simple architecture in modern tent design. The first-ever prototype featured a black powder coated “A-Frame” shape with clear vinyl tops.  As the 2023 ARA tradeshow floor opened, a large group of show attendees gathered around to get a glimpse and photograph this unique, new style of tent. This excitement motivated the team at Aztec to ramp up the development process.

A year later, after developing the prototype into a fully rental ready product, the Aztec Tents team launched the Adena™ Frame Tent at ATA’s Tent Expo in Daytona, Fla. Inspired by the modernist movement of the 1950’s, the Adena™ captures the classic visual lines of the traditional European Grubenhaus with modern flair. One of the interesting trends to come out of the events of the past four years is the clamor for unique and distinctive small event spaces.

The Adena™ answers this precisely by keeping the operational concept simple and prioritizing the design aesthetic. The clean design lines are the perfect framing for an elegant backyard party, event food/retail sales or accessory bar tent. The Adena™ is perfect for intimate garden to table events, unique entryways, wedding ceremonies, and more. The potential applications continue to grow.

The Adena™ is available as a 17 foot wide tilt up frame and is expandable in increments of 10 foot. All fabric sections slide through a keder channel in the rafter beams and complete assembly can be achieved from the ground without the use of heavy equipment or tall ladders. Sidewalls are available to enclose as much of the tent as needed. Gable panels can be closed or left off to create a more open event atmosphere. Available in a matte black or a Graincoated™ timber finish, the frame color is customizable to fit any occasion.

The arrival of this new event tent design coincides with the start of the 2024 event rental season across the North America and Canada. Aztec will start delivering product in the second week of May to customers in several regions. Aztec has fabricated inventory prepared for prioritized delivery to customers as new opportunities arise. For additional information on how to purchase the Adena A-Frame Tent or questions about any technical specifications please reach out to your Regional Account Manager. A full listing of our regional representatives can be found online at

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