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Holding Court

Chandeliers, chiffon draping and pops of teal and white transform a backyard tennis court into a lavish reception site.

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Colored glassware like these heirloom blue water glasses has become an increasingly popular way to add a stylish pop of color to any event.

This was an autumn wedding in the Sand Canyon area of Santa Clarita,” explains Stacie House, director of business development for 24/7 Events. “The couple really wanted to embrace the outdoors.”

The event was held under a 40-by-80-foot Aztec frame tent, using the frame only with pole socks and drapery to allow the fall sky to be seen and to embrace the landscape as part of the event design and theme. “We recommended the tent frame to define the event space while also enhancing the wedding design with whimsical touches such as the drapery and leg drapes,” House explains.

Several family pieces such as the gorgeous chandeliers, dishes and chargers were incorporated throughout, offering a great reflection of the bride and groom’s personal styles. “The Diana collection clear glassware perfectly complemented the family’s own heirloom blue water glasses, which added a beautiful pop of color,” says House. “Colored glassware has become increasingly popular either as an accent or as part of a color takeover for an event.”

Mahogany vineyard tables provided the perfect foundation for the simplicity and sparkle of the special tabletop design. The wood not only complemented the surrounding natural elements but also offered elegance, sophistication and a bit of charm that elevated the event experience for guests. 

Mahogany Chiavari chairs worked in harmony with the vineyard tables and provided consistency within the foundation of the event while enabling the tabletop features to shine. 

Because the event was staged on a tennis court, the court had to be protected from high heels, table legs, tent legs, etc. Significant care was taken in the delivery and installation process to maintain the integrity of the tennis court. “Choosing the tan turf was also based on our recommendation,” House explains. “Most people think of turf as coming only in green. The beige was the perfect choice to keep the muted earth tones as the foundation for the event.

“The outdoor landscape was the main driver for coloration here,” she continues. “This wedding was all about offering a simple and sophisticated feel while embracing the outdoor landscape and natural features of the property. The earth tone foundation seen in the turf, tables and chairs harmoniously shared space with the natural greenery, while the white florals and turquoise pops of color added a bridal feel.” 

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