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L. B. White Company, LLC introduces Volt electric heaters

Company News, News | April 4, 2022 | By:

volt heaters

L. B. White Company, LLC, a manufacturer of agricultural, horticultural, commercial, and industrial heaters and torches as well as overall climate solutions, is pleased to introduce the Volt family of portable electric heaters.

When it’s not desirable or possible to use LP gas, natural gas, or kerosene for fuel to heat non-ventilated areas, L.B. White’s Volt Family of electric heaters provide a safe alternative. Electric heat is 100 percent efficient and releases no carbon monoxide. Volt heaters are available in eight models and range from 1.5-kW up to 60-kW. Models are convenient to transport with easy grip handles or wheels on larger units. Units produce heat quickly and quietly and can be controlled with the integrated ambient thermostat.

Volt heaters are industrial, robust and include a powder-coated steel housing, stainless steel jacketed heating coils, and a high-quality sealed motor. All units are safe, equipped with overheat protection at 104 degrees Fahrenheit and stay cool to the touch. All units up through the 40-kW model are UL certified. Adding electric heat completes the already comprehensive LPG, NG, and kerosene lines of direct and indirect-fired, radiant, and convection heaters L.B. White offers.

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