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Steves Rental opens in Millis, Mass.

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After nearly 40 years of involvement in the equipment and event rental industry spanning a broad range of roles, Steve Reitter is striking out on his own — with a little help from the next generation — as an independent rental owner.

On March 1, 2022, Reitter and his son, Stephen, opened Steves Rental in Millis, Mass., as co-owners.

rental items - tables and chairs

“Stephen is the service manager. I’m running the front and he’s running the back. Our phone number is 508-2STEVES,” Steve says.

“Opening a store is wicked exciting,” Stephen says. “We have all new equipment, which is a huge plus. We’re also fortunate to have good relationships with our neighbor rental stores.”

Steves Rental serves as a general rental center, with offerings ranging from skid steers, boom lifts and excavators to carpet cleaners, chainsaws, wood chippers, yard and garden equipment, and tables and chairs. “All the mainstays,” Steve says. “Our market is Millis and our surrounding towns, and our niche is the one-to-three-day rentals.”

The Reitters are ready to leverage their combined experience and expertise to make Steves Rental a hit, and they’re confident they have the right ingredients.

“First, it’s a rental desert here,” Steve says. “The nearest competitor is six miles away and here, six miles is a 15 or so minute drive, so that’s a big advantage right there. The fact that we’re all new, yet we have experience, and the fact that all our equipment will be brand new — I think that’s going to be a big help. My background and experience will be a big plus, and Stephen has worked for me for the last four years at my former company. I didn’t know how he was going to work out as an employee at first, but I was really impressed with him. If I could clone him, I would.”

“Getting things up and running has been a bit of a challenge because we needed to get a special permit, and there weren’t enough members present at the meeting for a quorum. That set us back a month, and then there have been supply chain issues. But I think we’ve done a great job getting in the equipment needed to open and we know more will be here in the coming months,” Stephen says.

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