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Wedding on the rocks

Installation Spotlight | June 1, 2020 | By:

Stamford Tent & Event Services turns a rocky waterfront site into a ‘stunning’ wedding venue.

Want to avoid having a marriage get off to a (figurative) rocky start? Call a premarital counselor.

But a literal rocky start? Just call in Stamford Tent & Event Services of Stamford, Conn., to fix that. 

Stamford Tent & Event Services designed the layout of these wedding tents to appear as an extension of the home. Photos courtesy of Stamford Tent & Event Services.

For their daughter’s wedding and reception at their home, Stamford’s clients requested temporary structures that would appear to be an extension of their house, with the ceremony taking place on a narrow promontory overlooking the water.

“The ground was extremely rocky and uneven and included an infinity pool, which needed to be covered to accommodate the guests for all of the functions,” says Stamford president Stephen Frost.

Stamford was first contacted by the client in the fall prior to the June 2019 wedding for an initial site visit, and the design was agreed to the following March after numerous revisions. Installation required three weeks, but was substantially completed in two, with the remaining week reserved for the decorators, lighting designers and other vendors “to work their magic,” Frost says.

With a project supervisor and a crew of 8-10 installers per day, Stamford provided a fully floored 15-by-30-meter Losberger structure for dining and dancing, with an open 16-by-50-foot front porch connected to a 52-by-52-foot floored deck erected over the pool. In addition, the crew installed an integral dormer to facilitate the connection and to create an elegant entry foyer for the dining tent. A floored 40-by-70-foot Anchor Navi-Trac® tent was installed for the ceremony, and numerous ancillary tents were required for catering, staff, green room and restrooms. Stamford anchored the structures by through-bolting into the subfloor and then drilling into the rock ledge below.

Plexiglas® railings were used to maximize the views of the waterfront, and the event’s designer requested a pickled cedar floor to achieve a beachside feel. Access to the property was extremely limited and required that Stamford’s crew hand carry everything through the narrow walkways leading into the rear yard. 

“We were not able to utilize any material handling equipment or lifts,” Frost says. “Everything needed to be done manually.”

The day of the event was spectacular, so tents held for the rain plan—a 15-by-15-meter cocktail tent to cover the pool area and a connecting tent leading to the dining tent—weren’t necessary. 

“The results were a stunning realization of the bride’s dream for her wedding,” Frost says. “The parents of the bride as well as the designer, event planner and decorator were ecstatic that we were able to achieve their dream under such difficult conditions.” 

Project notes

Tents, floors: Stamford Tent & Event Services

Fabric: Serge Ferrari Flexlight

Tent manufacturers: Losberger De Boer, Anchor Industries Inc. 

Designer: Michelle Rago Destinations

Project manager: Jane Frost 

Lead installer: Jose Cabrera

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