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Flexible tent systems for medical testing and quarantine efforts

COVID-19, Products | April 10, 2020 | By:

Testing of suspected COVID-19 cases as well as quarantine accommodations for infected patients are top priorities for federal, state and local authorities. The crisis requires flexible tent and hall systems that can be installed quickly and guarantee compliance with high hygiene standards.

RÖDER humanitarian tents can be divided into rooms to help prevent the spread of infections and offer medical staff a safe environment for testing suspected cases and care of infected patients. The tents and insulated lightweight halls can be installed quickly and easily. They are suitable as clinic or hospital extensions, initial testing tents in front of hospital emergency admission areas, quarantine tents and high-quality patient living solutions for hospitals.

Depending on the on-site requirements, separate waiting areas and examination rooms can be set up. The tents may be equipped according to individual requirements, offering mobile, winter-proof room solutions with a high level of comfort. With insulated floors, roofs and walls as well as air conditioning systems, the tents ensure safe accommodation of patients, regardless of climate. The systems offer fast space saving to relieve inpatient facilities. Available at short notice fast delivery and ready for use. Distributed by Anchor Industries Inc. in the U.S.


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