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Free electronic signatures for rental companies affected by COVID-19 crisis

COVID-19, Products | April 1, 2020 | By:

App allows for safe signature collection in the social distancing era.

Point of Rental Software, Fort Worth, Texas, has made its electronic signature product, Rental eSign, available for free for 90 days for any rental business that needs it, regardless of the software they use. The setup fee is also waived, and no payment information is required, making it a risk-free option for rental owners looking to keep their staff and customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s hard enough for rental companies in this climate. We’ve seen some of the elaborate ways people are getting contracts signed while maintaining their distance, and while the level of innovation was amazing, we knew we could help make it easier,” Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris said in a press release. “Since eSign works independently of other software products, it’s able to help the entire rental community, not just Point of Rental users.”

Rental eSign allows businesses to collect secure signatures via email or a tablet in-store, which makes it easy to practice proper social distancing and will provide benefits even when the current pandemic is over. It gives businesses the ability to:

  • Make signature collection easier to capture via email
  • Store signed documents online in a searchable database for easy filing
  • Access signed documents anywhere with a login and an internet connection

At the end of the 90-day period, users who would like to continue to use eSign will be given the option to continue using it at the regular price. Point of Rental is also providing quick eSign training for new users in a webinar on Thursday, April 9, at 10 a.m. CDT. Anyone wanting to sign up immediately for free electronic signatures can register at

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