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Creating A Distinctive Atmosphere for Multiple Events Using One Tent

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There is a reason why so many tented events seem to be cookie-cutter productions. There are people to please and placate, funds to be allocated, tent design and layout to be developed, and complex lighting and flooring elements to be installed. It is no wonder that so many people end up with the same event they have attended a dozen times before. But when creating a two-themed event using one tent, creating a distinctive atmosphere, or multiple atmospheres can play a key role in its success and help it stand out from the crowd.

Sure, the casino night works in Las Vegas, the Western party is perfect for Scottsdale and the luau is a natural in Maui, but “creating atmosphere” for multiple events using a single tent goes beyond simply developing themes. This is because one night may be a Western party, followed by an elegant soiree the next night, for the same group of people.

The atmosphere creation process for a multiple event/one tent event includes understanding the why’s, what’s and how’s of pulling off this challenging project. Then the key steps become the coordination of outside vendors and their products, internal operations departments and their day-to-day impact, and managing client expectations. This ultimately brings the atmosphere together.

Lili Shadab, creative director and CEO of Elite Productions in Southern California Riviera understands that creating an atmosphere starts with a strong overall concept, which has to be extended through every element of the execution. It means not just selecting the right music and serving appropriate food, but also customizing the invitations and even using flatware that represents the concept.

For a recent multiple event/one tent event that Elite Productions produced the crew celebrated the freedom they had of using any kind of catering and dramatically changing the vibe by switching the type of food service provided. For example, for the first event, they served an Outdoor BBQ, and food truck favorites the next night.

“The type of food service is just as much a part of an event theme as anything else,” Shadab says. Indeed, incorporating details into the food, decor and tent layout can create a completely different atmosphere from event to event.

And remember, consistency creates the atmosphere for multiple events. It is best not to try to spread the budget too thin. Rather, select a few key elements and do them really well. Try to incorporate these same elements, such as chairs, tables and flooring, into each of the events, while customizing and creating the atmosphere for each theme. By creatively modifying the environs for multiple events, using one tent, attendees will be surprised and delighted at the transformation.

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