Optimisim and persistence in the face of natural disaster

April 1st, 2019

Meeting planning expert Jeff O’Hara lost his home and his business in Hurricane Katrina. His new book details how entrepreneurs can come back from disaster. In his new memoir Have Fun, Fight Back, and Keep the Party Going: Lessons from a New Orleans Entrepreneur’s Journey to the Inc. 5000 (Greenleaf, December 2018), Jeff O’Hara, president […]

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Lessons from a recession

August 1st, 2017

The Great Recession of December 2007 to July 2009 propelled corporations to slash spending. Not surprisingly, company-sponsored events were among the first expenditures to go. And the shadow of the major economic decline from nearly a decade ago still lingers today in the corporate event market. “It was bad PR to be spending on lavish […]

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