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Marketing with a virtual showroom

April 1, 2010

Got the goods? Show them off online. By Jamie Swedberg A traditional brick-and-mortar showroom has a lot of disadvantages for a tent rental company. First, there’s space. If one room were big enough to house all the contents of the company’s warehouse, it would be … well, a warehouse. And even then, it wouldn’t show …

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Getting started with social media marketing

December 1, 2009

Don’t know where (or why!) to embark on social media marketing efforts? Jeff Korhan walks tent rental pros through the basics. By Jeff Korhan Are you savvy to social media marketing or struggling to understand the phenomenon? While these methods are new (and possibly intimidating), the goals for marketing your business this way are networking …

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Growing your business with good media relations

By Pam Lontos Learning to leverage the power of the media can help you stand out from the competition without expending your resources. If you are new or inexperienced in dealing with editors or reporters, you might feel intimidated. But you don’t need to be. People interview people they like. Media professionals, like everyone else, …

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Maximizing showroom space

August 1, 2009

Use your showroom space to wow your clients and partner with other event vendors. By Julie Young Americans have come to expect choices and customization in every detail of their lives: their toothpaste flavor, their morning coffee, their mp3 playlists. Tented events can take that desire for a unique experience to the extreme. But contrast …

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PR increases business visibility

April 1, 2008

How to use PR strategies to be seen. By Jessica Sellers Customers can’t choose you if they don’t know you exist. So how do you break into their consciousness? One way is to advertise in publications, but another strategy is to get your business onto the editorial pages of those same periodicals. The editorial pages …

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The debate about tent companies as event planners

December 1, 2007

Some tent rental companies are adding event planning to their services. Is this a good move? By Carla Waldemar Should a tent rental company take on the role of event planner? These days that’s morphed from speculation into reality. It’s practical, some say. Others contend that practicality is precisely what gets lost in translation. But …

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Utilizing digital images

Let high-quality photos make the sale for you. By Jessica Sellers High-quality, attractive photos of your past projects are essential for showing off what your company is capable of. Photos should play a central role in promotional materials and ads, and there should be photos of projects or products on your Web site. In addition, …

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Making the most of your online presence

June 1, 2007

Employ the latest Web marketing strategies to bring in potential clients and stay one click ahead of your competitors. By David Caruso Many tent rental companies and event planners mistakenly believe their online activity finishes when they successfully launch their Web sites. Reclining in their high-backed office chairs, hands behind heads, they may think their …

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Breaking into the custom printed tent market

Providing custom printing options and sideline services can enhance your bottom line. By Julie Young At any given event, a sea of white tents can be a little baffling to navigate. And with companies constantly looking for ways to stand out from the competition, a custom-printed tent may be the answer. For tent manufacturers who …