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LED options provide a dance floor for every party

Trend Watch | August 1, 2010 | By:

A fun dance floor is a surefire way to get a party started. And today’s colorful, customizable options are a great choice for all kinds of tented events. Got a corporate logo? Put it on a dance floor. Have a product to highlight? Use an LED floor. Need to get guests into the action? Try an interactive option that will lure even the shiest party-goers.

Sue Crimm, operations manager for Sound Mind Events, McKinney, Texas, says her company’s dance floor division, LED Party Floors, has seen a big increase in requests for multilevel dance floors this season.

“[The floor] not only allows you to highlight specific things such as dancers, merchandise or the bride and groom, but also gives a great custom LED color block look with the color shining through the sides,” she says. “We can also incorporate solid decking into the floor at different heights if you need a stage or tables—and save you money.”

LED Party Floors can be used indoors or outdoors and can be set up over rough terrain or inclines, Crimm says.

“Because of this, they are a great way to floor a tent and give the event planner another decorating option,” she says. “The floor can create soft ambient lighting to create warmth, a border for corporate events or multicolor kinetic lighting for a rave-type party. We can color match to coordinate with corporate logos or weddings and have even matched the color of orchids for a tropical event.”

California Portable Dance Floor Co., Camarillo, Calif., offers traditional dance floors and two specialty floors—the interactive Liquid Lava Portable Dance Floor, and the customizable Versa Portable Dance Floor.

“The Liquid Lava Floor can come in many colors,” says Sue DiGennaro. “It is two pieces of acrylic fused together with the liquid inside. When you walk on the floor, the liquid moves around. It is sort of like the old lava lamps.”

The Versa Floor can be customized by printing anything you desire and inserting the images into individual floor sections, “from pictures of brides and grooms to corporate logos to colors,” DiGennaro says. “You can have your guests dancing in the clouds—just have pictures of clouds printed and insert those into each floor section.”

Another option is to leave the holographic material in each section and light it from above, which gives it the look of an illuminated floor—without the need for electricity for the floor itself, she says.

“And because all our floors interconnect with each other, a very hotlook can be [achieved by] sprinkling Versa Floor sections with the holographic material here and there throughout your floor while using our Black Vinyl Floor,” DiGennaro says. “Or use a few pieces of the Versa floor with a bride and groom picture in the middle of our White Vinyl Floor.”

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