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Green Monster upgrades stake puller machine

Products | April 1, 2008 | By:

Green Monster Manufacturing announces the Series 1000 LS—the company’s biggest overhaul yet on the green machine since the Green Monster Hydraulic Stake Puller debuted in 2002. Along with important improved features on the stake puller, tent installers can now choose from two models of the stake puller and two styles of jaws.

The self-propelled model of the stake puller is a significant, if more expensive new piece of equipment available to professional tent installers; also added are new jaw options making the monster more universal—you can now pull stakes for every frame and pole tent and every structure in your inventory. The redesigned, reinforced handle and grip give the Green Monster added strength and durability; and keeping the Monster in top shape is easier with the oil drain in the frame feature. As a bonus, the heavier grab hook can hold a meatier chain for those tough situations.

For more information, contact Green Monster Manufacturing.

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