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Loading and unloading tips

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From Scott Woodruff of Event Central Rental & Sales
In loading the truck, think in terms of keeping similar items together and then securing them as a group with ratchets. E-track is the key. You put e-track in the front and down both sides of the truck so you can put ratchets at any point to secure the load. Tables leaned up in a truck is probably the greatest safety exposure you have in your business.

From Dennis Birdsall of Tentlogix
Install larger lift gates on trucks, allowing you to load large items on a pallet jack so you can wheel it around on the truck. Particularly with large jobs, set your timeline to finish early because there will be unforeseen conditions or changes when you have a lot of vendors involved.

From Tommy Wilson of All Occasions Event Rental
Make sure to have a clear, open space to work in with no trip hazards. Whenever possible, survey a jobsite to determine access points. We have a 1 through 5 rating for how technically difficult an installation is. Then we establish a time frame and enter that in the computer system for the dispatcher.

From Mike Holland of Chattanooga Tent Co.
Look ahead, plan ahead and leave early when the weather is questionable.

Janice Kleinschmidt is a freelance writer based in Palm Springs, Calif.

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