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Communication is the key to it all

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Whether introducing a new car or a new cereal, the key to a successful product launch is communication.

“It is always beneficial for the vendors to meet or at least speak on the phone to make sure that each of their production schedules can work together,” says Dan Hooks of Party Reflections. “No one wins when any vendor does not want to work with the rest of the team. … From a tent or structure perspective, we need to know what type of equipment will be attached to our product so that we can provide professional advice toward what is possible or what is dangerous.”

“It’s all about communication,” agrees Andy Madura of Classic Tents. “How is it going to be rigged? Where is it going to be rigged from? A/V people want to make sure they have clean power. All of their power requirements must be communicated. … We have spreadsheets showing vendors, people who are on site, their cell number, and how we can be reached 24/7.”

“We usually work with the event planner or marketing company laying out a timeline,” says George Poston of US Event Structures. … If it’s a four-day or five-day deal, we will give them benchmarks of where we will be at the end of each day. … The main thing is making sure everybody has a printed road map in front of them of who’s going to do what when and who’s responsible.”

Alain Perez of Eventstar Structures points out another message that he likes to communicate, especially when companies have traditionally launched their products in large hotels or convention centers.

“We have some limitations, but our flexibility outweighs the limitations and our job is to convey that to the client,” he says.

Janice Kleinschmidt is a freelance writer based in Palm Springs, Calif.

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