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What’s your strategy?

April 1, 2017

Why every business needs a digital strategy to reach today’s consumer. Ah, remember the good old days? A time when a handshake sealed a business deal, a company built its reputation on spoken word and all that was required for a business to be found by new customers was a phone number in the yellow …

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Case study: Expanding from one location to two

July 13, 2016

Expanding a party and event rental business from one location to two ideally results in higher revenue, a bigger market share and more opportunities for the business and its employees. But every so often, the unexpected happens. Consider Jill Redmon, president of Montana Party Rentals in Bozeman and Wyoming Party Rentals in Jackson Hole. Redmon, …

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Brand new brand

December 1, 2015

A strong brand identity can drive sales, while a weak one can hold a business back. Is it time for your company to rebrand? Your special events business may be keeping up with economic and market changes, but is your brand keeping pace? There’s no denying that 21st-century business culture is fast moving and ever …

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Safeguarding ideas

April 1, 2015

Clients may wander to other companies, but your ideas don’t need to go with them. By Pamela Mills-Senn It’s an occupational hazard for event professionals. You spend no small amount of usually unbillable time developing a proposal for a prospective client, only to have that person wander away—your ideas in hand—to a different outfit that …

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Open for business

October 1, 2014

Launching a new tent rental business? Use these strategies to ensure that your initial investment positions your company for growth. By Sarah Lapping After nearly 10 years working in the tent manufacturing industry, one of the most rewarding benefits for me has been helping get new tent rental businesses off the ground. I’ve assisted companies …

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Tapping the millennial market

Follow these tips to reach millennial clients. By Kelly Treadway Have you ever wondered why we’re always being told how important social media is to businesses? It isn’t just because people go online to shop. Online is simply where people are—especially millennials (people born in the 1980s and 90s), many of whom are now planning …

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Collaboration results in mobile marketing tent

December 1, 2013

Networking at IFAI Tent Expo 2013 results in a tent that looks like a house. A mobile marketing tent for pharmaceutical giant Merck toured Canada in 2013, but it came together in Germany, Montreal and Orlando, Fla.—where IFAI Tent Expo 2013 brought together tent manufacturers Losberger US LLC and Fiesta Tents Ltd. along with Canadian …

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Safe and profitable tent rental

August 1, 2013

Safety and service go hand in hand with successful bidding and profitable tent rental. By Michael Tharpe The balance of safety and service with price and profit when bidding tent jobs is part of the tent rental industry’s culture. Sadly, the myth has emerged that “no tent rental company can be safe and competitive at …

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Social media strategies

April 1, 2013

Get the most out of your social media strategy. By Kelly Treadway Ever question what your company gets out of social media? Whether you’ve invested in the “right” platform for your message? You’re not alone! There’s no denying that 2013 is the year of inbound marketing—that is, marketing with a social media focus. The three …

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Dramatic tents for product launches

October 1, 2012

Tent suppliers boost awareness for their clients’ product launches. By Janice Kleinschmidt Maybe you’re not going to wander into the showroom of your local exotic car dealership. But let’s say you’re at a festival and you see an attractive tent bearing the name and logo of Ferrari, Bugatti or Porsche. Are you just going to …