Celina Tent plans September Expo

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Celina Tent Inc., Celina, Ohio-based manufacturer and distributor of vinyl fabric structures, tents, and event accessories, will host its 6th annual Celina Expo Sept. 28 at the Celina Tent manufacturing grounds. This year’s expo will be held in conjunction with The Road Show for tent installation training sponsored by Tent Renters Association of the Midwest (TRAM) Sept. 27. The Expo will feature product demonstrations, training seminars and many other activities. Celina customers will have the opportunity to view new and existing event and tent rental products, learn about changes and opportunities in the event rental industry and network with peers. Celina will also offer manufacturing tours, round table discussions, tent competition games, door prizes and product discounts.

New events include seminars on utility locating by Diggers Hotline and government bids and contracts by Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC). For information visit gettent.com/expo.htm or call 419-586-3610.


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  • Tent Rental Minnesota

    more tents from celina

    I own a few celina tents that I rent out, and I am very excited for this expo!

  • David

    Looking forward to the tent expo

    We own a coule of Celina tents and I am planning to go to the expo with my tent foreman. The video on thier website about how many water barrels are really needed was very interesting. Having just gotten into renting tents, the expo should prove very valuable.

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