Canvas World War II tents

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To meet the demand of living historians, museums and re-enactment and film organizations, Armbruster is now producing canvas World War II tents. To match the original contract specifications for the tents, the company is using much of the same machinery and equipment that were used during the 1940s. Models include the Wall Tent Small, Wall Tent Large, 1934 Pyramidal Tent, 1942 Command Tents and period Red Cross Tents.

For more information, contact Armbruster Mfg. Co.


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  • Wayne Norris
    Wayne Norris

    small world war 2 tents for sale


    I was wondering if you had any ww2 small tents for sale.

    I am in Australia, I couldnt see on your website where you are located. where are you located?

    Iam looking in particular for a  small US Wall Tent

    Thanks Wayne Norris

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